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JUJU provides a wide range of professional photography services such as portraiture, fashion, portfolio, fine art, illustration, journalism, industrial, and life photography. Whether you are an Individual or a Corporate; No matter whether your requirement is big or small, JUJU armed with a team of in-house professionals and associates will deliver to your requirements with utmost care and quality. 

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JUJU Foto Factory is a numero uno travel-and-photography company, offering high-quality photography-oriented travel and other services.

JUJU Factory is Jessica’s brainchild. Jessica also owns Hunts-International(Experts in removals to Malta)


Photography Feeds

Secrets Of A Successful Wildlife Photographer – Truth Uncovered!

Photography is one of the best professions you can ever be in. A person who loves photography can either be involved in it professionally or as a hobby. There are different types of photographers, who specialize themselves in different areas of life or as they say in any field. However, it is an undeniable fact that almost all photographers have a liking for nature and are closely associated with it. Though there are numerous things which a photographer can explore in nature, most of them are known by one common term ‘Wildlife Photographer.’ The moment we add wildlife to the word photographer, the first of the few images that would cross our mind could be a dense forest, a polar bear, a lion hunting its prey, among others. Nature is always mysterious, and it is believed that photography can uncover it. So let us see some of the secrets of a wildlife photographer.

Wildlife Photographer

Learning Curve:

The biggest secret in a photographer’s life is in his learning curving. It doesn’t matter ‘what he learns,’ the crux lies in how he learns it. There are certain tricks that a photographer has to discover in the process of learning. The portfolio differs from one person to the other.

Best Photography lies in respecting:

You will be able to bring the best out of photography only when you learn to respect and accept nature the way it is. Do not begin questioning the way nature works that is not the quality of a good photographer. I agree that only an inquisitive mind can work well with photography. You can ask and seek answers for ‘why’ and ‘how.’ But never try to figure out ‘why not the other way round,’ at least when you are only a photographer.

Talk to and understand nature:

If a photographer is good at what he does, then it is because he can talk to nature and understand nature. For instance, if a photographer is trying to click a picture of an animal, it is believed that he thinks and moves like an animal. If the photographer isn’t connected with his target, he will not be able to capture the reality.

Enrich yourself technically:

The case is going to be different if you are a professional photographer. Learning the technical aspect will be a part of your study if you are learning it professionally, but on the other hand, if you are doing it for pleasure there are certain technical aspects that you mustn’t skip at any cost. For example, it can be the photography gear, the places that you choose and the way you handle your tools. Learn it perfectly so that you can bring the best photographer out of you.

Still a caveman at heart:

All successful wildlife photographers are still cavemen at heart. In fact, all of us who love nature are still cavemen that is why we closely associate ourselves to nature, and we find ourselves back when we are with nature. This attitude is present within every wildlife photographer at varying degrees. The more the feel is, the better the images are.

Things to Know Before you Choose Photography as Your Career

Photography is great both as a profession and for recreation. In case if you are practicing photography for recreation then there are no issues. However, if you are going pick photography as your career, then there are few things that you have to know about photography in order to be successful at what you are doing. Here are some of the things that you have to know as a budding professional or an aspiring photographer.

Photography as Your Career

It can be tiresome:

Photography can excite you, but it is tiresome as well. This can vary at different degrees depending on what type of photographer you are. In the recent years, photography has become pretty much demanding. Travelling and exploring have become a part of the profession, and he will have to sacrifice a lot of his ‘me time’ to make the best out of his profession.

Getting a perfect gear:

The more technically sound you are the better your images are. So your technical soundness depends on the tools that you carry with you as a photographer. Since photography is going to be your prospective profession, you have to ensure that you earn for every click. Always remember to carry a professional camera no matter where you are. You will never know when you will capture the moment that will change your life forever.

Follow the Rules:

Make sure that you follow the rules. But sometimes you might feel that breaking the rules can elevate the way you click a picture. Then in such cases break the rules without any hesitation. Some rules are meant to be broken. Now certain rules are laid by nature. These rules are not meant to be broken, that is how nature functions. The more you respect it, the more you can get out of it. So know where to rebel and where to adhere.


When you are working towards your passion, payment is not a criterion. However, since you have made it your career, it is important that you know how much profits you will reap for the investments that you have made. The initial stage is tough in any profession. So you will have to bear with it. Keep giving your best, and the rest will automatically fall into place.

Career opportunities:

Your qualification, expertise, and place of employment will play a significant role in your career prospects. If you are employed somewhere where there is more scope for a photographer, then your pay is more, and you get to explore a lot. This placement depends on your qualification and the skills that you possess.

Post-truth era:

Now this one is interesting. Most of us aren’t aware of the fact that we are living in the ‘Post-truth Era.’ So now what does that mean? In the recent times, ethical representation of facts and figures has become a question mark. Photography one among the things that still stand as a testimony to what reality is. That is the reason why we call this age as the post-truth era and here the importance of a photographer has definitely risen.


august 16th 2012
8pm – 11pm
2235 east 6th street (map)

sign up for this event on our meetup site >

This time we’re gettin’ snotty with The Beat Dolls!
Their brand of edgy, raucous punk infused with a rockabilly vibe will have you in turns singing along and snarling at The Man with middle fingers held high.

An energetic and good-looking trio fronted by Angie Munsey (a frontwoman of punk rock pedigree), The Beat Dolls belt out tales of sarcasm, wit, humor, sadness and madness, to which at least one of those every one of us could relate. If you are looking for Britney, Katy or Lady, you are looking in the wrong direction! The Beat Dolls sugar coat nothing and you’ll get no apologies here.

You can check out a video of The Beat Dolls’ single “Walking Dead” HERE.

So come join us and SHOOT THE BAND!

Juju provides:
the strobes, lighting setup, backdrops, model, & corkscrew (Shoot the Band is BYOB).

You provide:
Your camera, posing ideas, 10 usable promo photos for the band.

Participation Agreement:
Photos from this shoot are for promotional purposes ONLY. Request and negotiate a model release from the band if you feel you need one. This is not provided by the meetup. The band must retain the photographer’s credit on any images used.

By participating in this shoot you do solemnly swear to:
1. Upload (a minimum of) 10 retouched quality photos to the designated meetup gallery
2. Upload your photos by September 15, 2012
3. Grant the band permission to use uploaded photos for promotional purposes only (photo specs are 300 dpi, 8×10 inches minimum) Your photos may be watermarked and meta tagged
4. Supplying the band with photos from the session is a stipulation to attend Shoot The Band in the future.

Shooting protocol:
We shoot in rotation, one at a time. Time is divided evenly among attending photographers / per setup.

All levels welcomed, we even help newbies learn strobe basics. We throw one of these every month, they’re always a big hit with great networking opportunities. Juju is not able to supply alcohol, but BYOB is perfectly acceptable, munchies provided.

*** disclaimer: Some camera models require adapters for the Profoto pocket wizards. Juju is not responsible for incompatible equipment with the Profoto strobe system.

**** jujufotofactory is only the facilitator of the event. all legal and copyright issues are the responsibility of the musicians and attending photographers and must be arranged by them. the band will be briefed by the organizer on proper crediting protocol, and then we’re out. Let’s shoot!


shoot the model – lo-fi and on location
dia de los muertos
featuring mona pitts  > 

october 28th
4:15pm – 6:15 pm

There is room for 6 photographers
promotion only model release provided
$16 / person
sign up >

Join us for some Halloween / Dia De Los Muertos creative fun
It’s not what you shoot with, it’s what you say. We take a model on the east side streets and try to emulate a magazine spread using smartphone apps like hipstamatic and instagram, pic grunger, lens babies, etc. (no DSLR please) Promo only model release provided. On our last outting we got a lot of attention on the street, and it turned out to be a very spontaneous experience. Everyone was wondering who the famous model was.

The goal is to:

  • promote edgier, more gestural photography
  • test the abilities and push the parameters of “lo-fi” technology
  • gather confidence in numbers to shoot in public
  • encourage people to shoot even if they don’t own top of the line cameras
  • make you a more spontaneous, sociable person, dammit.


We’re screening experimental shorts, music videos, comedies
In honor of E.A.S.T., we would like to kick off the annual, special occasion with experimental shorts.We would like to thank our sponsors eye candy illusions and weird ass austin for their generous support.

Screening Date
november 9th 2012
8:00pm – 11pm
2235 east 6th street (map)

The Venue
We convert our photography studio into a mini theatre for the evening. The last event had approximately 75 people in attendance, and the crowd was really enthusiastic and supportive of  everything that was shown that evening during the Q&A with the filmmakers between rounds.

Popcorn, sweets, and drinks (while supplies last).
BYOB welcomed.


Selected Film Shorts
Below are stills of each entry and links to view the selections we screened at the event.


Screening Date
april 5th 2013
8pm – 11pm
2235 east 6th street (map)

We’ll be viewing animations, comedies and as always, music videos!
Also mix and mingle with the Austin film industry.

The Venue
We convert our photography studio into a mini theatre for the evening. The last event had approximately 75 people in attendance, and the crowd was really enthusiastic and supportive of  everything that was shown that evening during the Q&A with the filmmakers between rounds.

  • free photobooth
  • raffle prizes!
  • popcorn, sweets, and drinks (while supplies last).
  • byob welcomed

Mark Spacek  – Shakey Graves
Mark Spacek – The Journey – FM Radio
Mark Spacek – What Made Milwaukee Famous – Gone and Done it Now
Chris Levi – Sabotage
Tracy Fleming- 20/20 Love
Carlos Samudio – Love, Simple
John Garside – Lloyd and the Rockin’ Unicorn – Episode 1
John Garside – Lloyd and the Rockin’ Unicorn – Episode 2
John Garside – Lloyd and the Rockin’ Unicorn – Episode 3
David Lackey – Fat Tony – “Denim Guinness”
David Lackey- Rabbit
David Lackey – Piss Gourmands
Kevin Prince –  Mr. Compisition Ft. Kierra & Anya – Chasing Skies


  • A camera that puts a world of possibilities at your fingertips. Literally.
  • Will capture ten thousand words in the blink of a moment


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